Todd Sucherman

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Todd Sucherman
Drummer - Progressive rock, hard rock

Bands: Styx, Spinal Tap, Brian Wilson

Drumsticks: Pro-Mark

Todd Sucherman (born (1969-05-02) May 2, 1969 (age 53) ) is an American drummer, who is best known for having been a member of Styx since March 1995.

Sucherman grew up in a musical family and followed in his father's footsteps by playing the drums. His father, Arnold J. Sucherman, was a doctor by day and a drummer by night, playing in the house band at the famed Chez Parre' in Chicago. His mother, Jo (Seiwert) Sucherman, was an actress in the 1950s and 60s.

Sucherman started playing at two years old. His first paying gig was with his brothers at the age of six under the name "The Sucherman Brothers". The band consisted of Paul on keyboards, Joel on bass, and Todd on drums.

Sucherman attended Niles West High School, and then the Berklee College of Music from September 1987 to May 1988. There he studied with Skip Hadden, Ian Froman, and Gary Chaffee, a world renowned educator.

In 1988, Sucherman returned to Chicago and quickly established himself as a noted session musician. As an in demand player for live and session work, Sucherman recorded with Styx in March 1995 when they went to rerecord "Lady", now titled "Lady '95", for their 1995 Greatest Hits album, though he was uncredited. In February 1996 when it came time for the Return to Paradise tour and drummer John Panozzo was unable to perform, Sucherman was asked to join them for the tour. After John Panozzo's death on July 16, 1996, Sucherman became a full time member, appearing on the 1997 live album, Return to Paradise.

In addition to Styx duties, he has played with such artists as Brian Wilson, Tommy Shaw, Peter Cetera, Brian Culbertson, The Falling Wallendas, Steve Cole, and Spinal Tap, among others.

In September 2008, Sucherman was a featured artist in the prestigious Modern Drummer Festival. He also appeared on the cover of the October 2008 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.

In 2009 the Modern Drummer Magazine voted him number one Rock Drummer in the World.

The gear he currently endorses are Pearl drums, percussion and hardware, Remo drumheads, Sabian cymbals and Pro-Mark drumsticks.

Live Drum Setup

Pearl Masterworks Drums

(Head size first) 8×7, 8×8, 10×8, 12×8 Toms. 14×14, 16×16 Floor Toms. 2- 22×18 bass drums. 20×14 Gong Drum. 14×5.5 snare drum. 8 through 12 are 8 plies and 14 through 22 are 10 plies. Snare is 20 plies. African Bubinga finish with African Bubinga on the inside of all shells. 24K Gold Hardware. All Pearl hardware with Power Shifter Eliminator pedals. The bearing edges are the Reference round cut.

Remo clear Ambassadors top and bottom of all Toms. Coated Ambassador and Hazy Snare side Ambassador on Snare Drum. Clear Powerstroke 3s on Bass Drums.

Buy Promark SD330W American Maple Todd Sucherman Autograph Series Wood Tip Drumsticks.

Sabian cymbals (left to right–mostly Brilliant Finish)

Todd Sucherman Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 18.

0647-0648 Todd Sucherman used Vic Firth signature model drumsticks, 06/21/2003 Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO.
0201 Todd Sucherman autographed Vic Firth signature model drumstick.
0145 Todd Sucherman autographed Vater signature model drumstick.
0393-0394 Todd Sucherman used Vater signature model drumsticks.
0143-0144 Todd Sucherman autographed Pro-mark signature model drumsticks.
0146 Todd Sucherman used, autographed Vic Firth generic, Drumstick used at clinic because American Airlines lost his stick bag and GC didn't have any of his signature model Pro-marks in stock, 10/11/2013 Drum Clinic at Guitar Center Boston, MA.
0189-0190 Todd Sucherman autographed Pro-mark signature model drumsticks.
0191-0192 Todd Sucherman autographed Pro-mark signature model drumsticks.
0193-0194 Todd Sucherman personalized, autographed Pro-mark signature model drumsticks.
0195-0196 Todd Sucherman used Pro-mark signature model drumsticks, 12/18/2013 Drum Clinic at Dicenso's, Weymouth, MA.
Todd Sucherman Drum Clinic at Dicenso's Drum Shop, Weymouth, MA 12/18/2013
Todd Sucherman Drum Clinic at Guitar Center Boston, MA 10/11/2013