Robbie Cook

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Robbie Cook
Drummer - Progressive metal, heavy metal

Bands: Zombie Raptor

Drumsticks: Easton Ahead, Rich Sticks

Owner of this Drumstick Collection website.

Robbie Cook is an 19-year-old heavy metal drummer from Litchfield, NH, currently in the band Zombie Raptor with his twin brother Riley on guitar. He has been taking drum lessons since February 2012 under the instruction of Joe Rizzo and since March 2015 with Kofi Baker, son of Cream's Ginger Baker. He is currently not officially endorsed, but prefers and plays Zildjian A Customs and Z3 cymbals, Tama Superstar drums (double bass drum kit), Evans Black Chrome tom heads with EMAD 2 bass heads, Ahead 2B Metal Fusion and Rich Sticks drumsticks.

Some of his influences include Mike Portnoy, Ginger Fish, Ginger Baker/Kofi Baker, Bill Ward, John Bonham, Lee Newell, Tommy Clufetos, Jared Falk, and Dave Lombardo.

Check out my videos of me playing drums on stage with John 5, guitarist of ex-Marilyn Manson, and Rob Zombie!

13-year-old drummer jamming with John 5 during sound check 3/20/2016 -

13-year-old drummer jams on stage with John 5 during concert, 3/20/2016 -

Drumstick Collection

0000 Project 151 - Promark Project 151 Prototype Rebound Balance drumsticks.
0000 Project 151 - Promark Project 151 Prototype Forward Balance drumsticks.
(2013) - 0000 Robbie Cook - Rich Sticks signature model drumsticks.
(2013) - 0211-0212 Robbie Cook - Rich Sticks signature model drumsticks, used, autographed, Rich Sticks signature model, 12/28/13 Zombie Raptor, The Sad Cafe, Plaistow, NH.