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Rikki Rockett
Drummer - Glam metal

Bands: Poison

Drumsticks: Los Cabos

Richard Allan Ream (born (1961-08-08) August 8, 1961 (age 60)), better known by the stage name Rikki Rockett, is an American drummer best known for his work with the glam metal band, Poison.


Richard Allan Ream was born on August 8, 1961 in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, the youngest of two children of Norman and Margaret Ream. He attended Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill. Before founding Poison with vocalist Bret Michaels, Rockett worked as a hairdresser, lifeguard, dishwasher, Emergency Medical Technician and a suit salesman.

Rockett was always an integral part of Poison's success featuring on every Poison album ever released. The tattoo photo featured on Poison's 1990 album Flesh and Blood is Rockett's right shoulder. The logo was already done a couple of years prior but he added "Flesh and Blood" in support of the title. The original album cover still has the blood running from the new tattoo though it was airbrushed out soon after its release.

In late-1993, Rockett discovered that the then guitarist Richie Kotzen of Poison was having a relationship with Rockett's fiancee at the time, Deanna Eve. Kotzen was fired due to this incident. In VH1's "Behind The Music", singer Bret Michaels said he never wanted to speak to Kotzen again.

Rockett and Brian Cocivera joined forces creating custom built drum kits called the Chop Shop Custom Drum Company.

After almost twenty years with Poison, Rockett released his first solo album, Glitter 4 Your Soul on January 7, 2003 which was distributed online. The album was a tribute to 1970s glam rock. He also guested on Britny Fox's Bite Down Hard.

In 2004 Rikki founded the Brit Iron Rebels, a vintage and modern retro motorcycle Internet-based group dedicated to the British Rocker motorcycle culture of the '50s & '60s.

In April 2006 the same year Poison celebrated its 20 year anniversary, Rockett made a guest appearance on TLC's new "Wrecks To Riches" auto overhaul series, helping to restore a 1969 Dodge Dart before giving Poison's new version of "We're an American Band" a spin on the car's amped-up sound system.

On April 26, 2007, Rockett announced the creation of "Rockett Drum Works Inc", a drum manufacturing company specializing in the creation of ultra custom drum kits, snare drums and custom accessories. Prior to setting up his enterprise, Rockett worked for Chop Shop Custom Drum but departed after conflicting opinions with founder Brian Cocivera. Rockett recruited most of the staff from Chop Shop along with some newer staff members.

In conjunction with the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in May 2007, Rockett discussed his lifelong love of the series during an interview with Maul Stanley. Rockett wore a Star Wars patch on his vest in Poison's "Fallen Angel" music video and he said that his favorite character is C-3PO.

On September 19, 2007, Bosphorus Cymbals unveiled the "Rockett Ride"; a custom ride cymbal in 20" and 22" sizes, designed to Rockett's exact specifications.

Personal life

In October 2008 Rockett married longtime girlfriend Melanie Martel. On July 14, 2009, they had their first child, Jude Aaron. On March 2, 2013, Rikki and Melaine welcomed their second child, a daughter named Lucy Sky.

Rikki currently holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, under trainer Renato Magno and trains at Street Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Santa Monica, California.

Rockett is a vegan.


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Rikki Rockett Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 18.

(1991) - 0179-0180 Rikki Rockett - Zildjian signature model Rikki Rockett Poison drumsticks, 1991 Flesh and Blood Tour.
(2004) - 0041 Rikki Rockett - This Rikki Rockett's Bottleneck Johnny Rabb drumstick was stage used 7/3/04 during the Kiss/Poison Rock The Nation Tour at the Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN.
(2013) - 0289 Rikki Rockett - This Rikki Rockett's Bottleneck Vater drumstick was stage used 7/12/2013 during the Poison & Ratt tour at Northern Quest Resort & Casino, Spokane, WA.
(2014) - (0000) Rikki Rockett - signature model Los Cabos drumsticks (white hickory).
(2014) - (0000) Rikki Rockett - signature model Los Cabos drumsticks (red hickory).