Rich Beddoe

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Rich Beddoe
Drummer - Rock

Bands: Finger Eleven

Drumsticks: Pro-Mark

Rich Beddoe was the drummer for Finger Eleven (1996–2013). He started playing drums at age 8 and drummed in a local bar band General Lee before joining Finger Eleven. On the band’s third album in 2003, Finger Eleven broke into the U.S. mainstream with the rock ballad "One Thing" and joined Billboard’s Top 10 in 2007 with "Paralyzer." The band won the 2008 Juno for Best Rock Album of the Year, and HMA Album of the Year and HMA Rock Album of the Year in 2007. Rich is a left-handed drummer; somewhat of a rock rarity. Rich was quoted in Modern Drummer to say "It’s crazy, ten years on and we’re still here. Nobody has to work a day job, and we’re doing what we love. So we’re feeling very grateful and blessed for that."

Rich Beddoe Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 4.

0226 Rich Beddoe - used signature model Promark drumstick, Finger Eleven, opening for Creed, 11/12/2000, Freedom Hall, Louisville, KY.
0865 Rich Beddoe - used signature model Promark drumstick, Finger Eleven.