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Raymond Herrera (born December 18, 1972) is the drummer for industrial metal band Arkaea. He is one of the original founding members (now former member) of the industrial metal band Fear Factory and Brujeria.

Technique and style

Herrera's drumming is considered to be a key part of Fear Factory's signature sound and their appeal to fans. He's a pioneer of drum trigger technology and a master of double kick work, often using triggers on his drum kit. He is also known for his high speed playing, particularly his double bass technique, which involves the use of triplets and other embellishments rather than the blast beats commonly found in extreme metal percussion. Herrera's bursts of double bass often share a dualism with Dino Cazares's fast palm muted staccato guitar notes, resulting in the machine gun-like sound found in many Fear Factory songs.

Most first-time Fear Factory listeners believe the drumming is too fast for a human and believe a drum machine or computer is generating this sound. This is an understandable mistake as Herrera's drum set is rigged with triggers that adjust the sound of his drums, providing a cleaner sound which in turn make it sound more machine-like or computerized. Another reason for Herrera's machine-like drumming is that he uses a "stop go" technique for his double bass rather than the usual "flooring face" style of double bass playing. Examples of Herrera's style can be heard on Fear Factory songs such as "Leechmaster" and "Securitron (Police State 2000)".

Equipment & Endorsements

  • Pro-mark drum sticks
  • Zildjian cymbals
  • DW pedals (5000 series)
  • Remo drum heads
  • Tama Drums

Power Tower custom rack system, Tama hardware including Wide Rider drum throne, two DW5000 bass drum pedals, Attack drum heads, ddrum4 triggers, Korg D1200 studio and Pro-Mark 5A Oakwood nylon tip sticks.

Raymond Herrera Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 4.

(0574-0575) Raymond Herrera - Pro-Mark signature model drumsticks, Fear Factory.
(0626-0627) Raymond Herrera - Pro-Mark signature model drumsticks, Arkera).