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ProMark is a Houston, Texas-based American drumstick company founded by professional drummer and drum shop owner, Herb Brochstein. It was purchased by the music accessories company D'Addario & Company, Inc. in 2011. ProMark is a widely known stick company generally played in drum set, drum and bugle corps and concert bands.


ProMark was founded in 1957 by percussion instructor and shop owner Herb Brochstein in Houston, Texas. It is the first company to introduce Japanese Shira Kashi white oak into the American market, and the only company to successfully market oak sticks in the United States.[1] The wood provided for ProMark is supplied by Japanese trader Tatsuo Kosaka. In recent years ProMark has moved to use of non-endangered wood and a "green" finishing process to make their sticks and manufacturing processes safer to the player and the environment.

In 1985 ProMark patented a rute for drum kit use, introducing it as the Hot Rod. Several similar models followed, both from them and other manufacturers.

Notable products

Pro-Mark offers many signature products from notable players and endorsees, such as System Blues by the Concord Blue Devils for field marching, and the Todd Suchermans (Styx) and Ringo Starr (The Beatles) for stage playing. Other autographed models are by Scott Johnson, Benny Greb, Chris Adler, Marco Minnemann, Dennis DeLucia, Jason Bonham, Dom Howard, Joey Jordison, Bill Bruford, Jason Bittner, Charlie Adams, Jim Rupp, Neil Peart, etc.