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Paul Adam Koehler (born September 9, 1983) is a Canadian drummer in the band Silverstein (2000-present). He is also involved in several business ventures, most notably a clothing company named Liars! Manifesto.

Early life

Koehler was born in Burlington, Ontario. In 1996, at the age of thirteen, he started playing the drums; primarily self taught, he took various lessons. Koehler plays the drums using matched grip. He has been playing in bands since he learned to play drums. He started a band with some friends because he wanted to become a famous musician like the bands he was listening to then. He attended Lester B. Pearson High School in Burlington, receiving his high school diploma in 2002. Paul then attended McMaster University to get an engineering degree, but when the band signed with Victory Records he dropped out to pursue a career in music. Koehler's influences include Gorilla Biscuits, Cave In, Daft Punk, Hayden, Kraftwerk, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, The Replacements and Wilco.

Musical career

Koehler is the drummer and founding member for the Canadian rock band Silverstein. His other bandmates include Shane Told, Bill Hamilton, Neil Boshart (no longer in Silverstein- position now occupied by Paul Marc Rousseau) and Josh Bradford. He found the rest of the band through the scene. Koehler has been with the band since the beginning in February 2000. Koehler's first show with the band was on June 28, 2000 at the Glad Tidings Church in Burlington, Ontario. The line-up for the show was Shane, Josh, Richard McWalter and Noah, who only played that one show with the band. They played five songs during their set. In the music video for "Smile in Your Sleep" on the Discovering the Waterfront album, Koehler played Professor Plum for the game Clue, where he is seen holding the rope in the billiard room and then later holding a candle stick in the conservatory. It was filmed in the same mansion as the movie Billy Madison. Also in the same album for the music video of Discovering the Waterfront, Koehler is the only one not lying down on the ground. During the recording of Arrivals & Departures, Koehler lived in California with the rest of the band. They recorded the album at Capitol Records, where they were surrounded by other musicians.

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2014-06-13 Paul Koehler Used used, autographed signature model Promark drumstick (single) eBay Auction Market SOLD 15.00

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