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This is my list of Drummers I have contacted, or the list of websites that I have to still contact. It is actually quite a pain to search for and find these sites. Google just has too many irrelevant hits, and it takes forever to find each individual band or drummer's page to check if they have a store, and if they offer sticks... Feel free to use these links yourself to grab your own set and please let me know if you know of a page that I do not have listed yet so I can add those sticks to my ever growing Drumstick Collection!

The list contains either the drummer's personal webpage with a shop listing their drumsticks for sale or their webpage or Facebook link with a contact option. Some web shops offer only new, only used or both, some autographed, some not. I have had "some" luck contacting sites to get used and/or autographed sticks instead of new... but it all depends on if the drummer is actually involved in the sales or if he signed a stack of sticks and handed off the shop duties to a 3rd party. If they offer a personalized option, chances are the drummer is involved and you might be able to score a used set if you so desire instead of a new pair. Personal collection preference.

Obviously if they have a web shop with sticks available, all I have to do is save up some money and place an order. If I am just sending them an unsolicited message, WISH ME LUCK that they are willing and able to accommodate a request! So far, some have, some haven't...

Drummers with webpage shops

Web Shops Selling Drumsticks
. Drummer Webpage Item for sale Cost Transaction Description
X Chris Adler (Lamb of God) http://www.chrisadler.com/store/miscellaneous/signature-pro-mark-chris-adler-sticks/ Signature Pro-Mark Chris Adler sticks. Used on tour and rehearsal. Signed/Personalized $25.85 Ordered 7/2/2013, Shipped 7/9/2013, Received 7/12/2013
X Matt Sorum http://mattsorum.com/store/product-category/personalized-drum-sticks/ Zildjian Matt Sorum Velvet Revolver Drumsticks. Signed/Personalized $49 + 4.99 Ordered 9/26/2013, Received 10/4/13 (was not signature model sticks as pictured...)
X Charlie Benante (Anthrax) http://www.charliebenante.com/Store/ Charlie Benante Signature "Vic Firth - sben" Sticks, Autographed $28 "A+" Multiple successful orders (quick)
X Meytal Cohen http://shop.meytalcohen.com/collections/frontpage/products/signed-drumsticks Used Signature "Vic Firth", Signed drumsticks $54.98 Ordered 7/11/13, Shipped 7/18/13, Received 7/22/2013 (only 1 stick signed)
X Bill Bruford (Yes) http://billbruford.com/shop/ Bill's Promark SD4W Maple SD4 wood tip autographed series drumsticks, Signed $15.99 + 4.50 Ordered 9/7/2013, shipping issues, resolved, Received 3/11/14
X Gregg Gerson http://www.gregggerson.com/Greggpages/GGstore.html played pair of Vic Firth Gregg Gerson model drum sticks personally signed (optional new) $25 + 6.17 Ordered 10/9/14, Received 10/14/14
X Kenny Aronoff http://kennyaronoff.com/store Signature Vic Firth "Kenny Aronoff" drumstick (Model #PP), Autographed $15 + 5 Ordered 7/16/2013, Received 7/31/2013
X Vinny Appice http://www.vinnyappice.com/store.php Vinny Appice Autographed Vic Firth Drumsticks H&H/KDH $12/15 + 5 "A+" Multiple successful orders
X Vinny Appice http://www.godpsmusic.com/Vinny-Appice-Autographed-Monster-Drumsticks/dp/B00F8IWZKM Vinny Appice Autographed Vic Firth Drumsticks DrumMonster $14.99 Ordered 12/14/13, Shipped 12/18/13, Received 12/20/13
X Scott Rockenfield (Queensrÿche) http://www.scottrockenfield.net/store.html Signature Drum Stix, Personally Autographed $20 not yet
X Brian Tichy (Bonzo Bash, Whitesnake) http://www.briantichy.com/merchandise.php '12 Bonzo Bday Bash Commemorative Sticks or signature used, Signed $30 Ordered 7/14/15, Received 7/20/15 (fast)
X Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) http://www.blotzer.com/store/ Signed Drum Sticks $25 + 8.50 Ordered drumsticks 1/11/14, Received signed book 3/3/14 :( Re-Ordered 7/3/14, Received sticks 7/12/14
X John Tempesta (The Cult) http://www.johntempesta.com/Store/ Autographed Vic Firth Drumsticks/The Cult $20/20 "A+" Multiple successful orders (quick)
X Micky Dolenz (Monkees) http://stores.ebay.com/mickydolenzdirect pair, Personalized, Autographed Drumsticks $65 + $14.95 Ordered 2/9/15, Received 2/14/15 (quick)
X D.J. Fontana (Elvis) http://www.djfontana.com/merchandise_drum.htm pair, Personalized, Autographed Drumsticks $30 "A+" Multiple successful orders (quick)
X Dave Getz (Janis Joplin) http://www.davegetz.com/store.html pair, Autographed Drumsticks $35 Ordered 3/20/14, Received 3/28/14 (quick)
W.S. Holland "Fluke" (Johnny Cash) http://www.wsflukeholland.com/sticks.html Hand Signed Drumsticks $28 Ordered 1/13/15, Received 1/31/15
Chris Slade (AC/DC) http://chrisslade.com/product/acdc-drum-sticks-autographed-by-chris-slade/ Hand Signed Drumsticks, Pro-Mark signature model $25 + 6.99 Ordered 12/13/13, Received 1/6/14 (one AC/DC signature model, one generic...)
Ordered 1/13/15
X Zoltan Chaney (Slaughter) http://www.zoltanchaney.com/Sticks.htm Hand Signed Drumstick, Pro-Mark signature model $20 + 6 Ordered 2/18/15, Received 2/24/15
X Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) http://richredmond.com/shop/ used Pro-Mark signature model drumsticks (NOT autographed) $15 + 5.30 Ordered 12/13/13, Received 12/23/13
X Steve Riley (LA Guns) http://www.laguns.net/store.html autographed, used Pro-Mark signature model drumsticks $15 + 8 Ordered 1/12/14, Received 1/21/14
X Carmine Appice http://www.carmineappice.net/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=49 autographed drumsticks, Vic Firth signature model $12 (OOS) 2 pair, in person
X Ron Hurst (Steppenwolf) http://steppenwolf.com/i-11649309-drum-sticks-black.html autographed by Steppenwolf drummer Ron Hurst (black or blonde sticks) $19.99 Ordered 6/15/14, Received 6/20/14 (quick)
X Pete Best (The Beatles) http://www.petebest.com/products.aspx?category=Drumsticks autographed drumsticks, Best of the Beatles £30.00/50.00 Ordered (2 sticks) 6/15/14, Received (1 stick) 7/26/14 :(
. Eric Singer (KISS) http://www.kissarmywarehouse.com autographed drumsticks, stage used $149/$179 not yet
X DeHaven Carrington (Olio) http://www.oliomusic.com/category/store/extras/ autographed Silverfox drumsticks $10 + 2 Ordered 9/19/13, Received 9/23/13 (fast!)
X Dr. Chud (Misfits) http://drchud.com/merch.html (1) autographed Silverfox signature model drumstick $20 "A+" Multiple successful orders (quick)
X Linda McDonald "Nikki McBURRain" (The Iron Maidens) http://www.theironmaidens.com/store/31store.html used, abused and autographed Vic Firth drumsticks $20 Ordered 4/4/14, Received 4/11/14
X Mark Alfred http://www.markalfred.com/shop autographed Vater drumsticks $15 + 5 Ordered 6/15/14, Received 7/12/14 (not autographed, but also got pair of used Riverdance tour sticks...)
X Terry Bozzio http://terrybozzio.com/drum-heads/ autographed Vic Firth drumstick (1) $20 + Ordered (2) 11/25/13, Received 12/7/13
X Franky Costanza http://frankycostanza.bigcartel.com/product/franky-costanza-autographed-pair-of-drumsticks autographed drumsticks €13.50 + €5.90 (~ $27.50) Ordered 10/10/14, Received 10/23/14
X John Barbata http://www.johnybarbata.com/Store.htm autographed drumsticks $30.00 Ordered 8/9/14, Received 8/25/14
X Carl Canedy (The Rods) http://therods.com/OnlineStore/RodsAccessories.html used signature model drumsticks $10 + 6 Contact on 10/9/14, Received 10/14/14
X Joe Letz (Combichrist) http://joeletz.bigcartel.com/product/joe-letz-drum-sticks signature drumsticks $15 Ordered 3/7/14, shipping issue resolved, Received 7/21/14
X Marco Pitruzzella Lord Marco (Neurogenic) http://neurogenic.bigcartel.com/product/lord-marco-signature-drumsticks-vic-firth autographed, signature model Vic Firth drumsticks $12 Ordered 2/9/14, Received 2/21/14
. Francesco Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse) http://www.fleshgodapocalypse.com/ signature drumsticks 20 € not yet
X Lux Drummerette http://www.luxdrummer.com/_site/Shop.html autographed new/used Drumsticks $15/20 + SH Ordered 9/25/14, Received
X Neal Smith (Alice Cooper) http://nealsmithrocks.com/store/ autographed Drumsticks $25 + SH Ordered 3/29/14, Received 4/3/14 (quick)
X Jim Riley http://jimrileymusic.com/store/product/autographed-pair-jim-riley-drumsticks autographed Drumsticks $15.49 Ordered 4/4/14, Received 4/14/14
X Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr. Big) http://www.mattstarrmusic.com/ autographed Drumsticks, used tour sticks $25.00-40 "A+" Multiple successful orders (quick)
X Rodger Carter (John 5) http://thedoghousestudio.com/pages/pet_store.html signature model drumsticks $15.95/Pair - Priority Mail Shipping Included Ordered 9/15/14, Received
X Jen Ledger (Skillet) https://stores.kotisdesign.com/skillet/gifts-accessories/drumsticks/3843 signature model drumsticks $16 Received 1/2/15
X Anthony Biuso http://www.anthonytinybiuso.com/merch.html used, autographed signature model drumsticks $25 Ordered 1/8/15, Received 1/30/15
Ordered 7/14/15, Received 8/3/15
X Tim Alexander http://www.ginsengdrummer.com/ autographed signature model drumsticks $19.95/24.95+$9 Ordered 12/26/14, Received 1/12/15
X Dennis Leeflang http://dennisleeflang.com/store/?catid=4 autographed signature model drumsticks $20/25 Ordered 2/20/15, Received 2/25/15
X Ronnie McDowell Jr. http://www.ronniemcdowelljr.com/store autographed drumsticks $12 +5 Ordered 8/18/15, rec'd 8/24/15
X Morgan Rose http://www.alienfreakwear.com/ autographed drumsticks $29.99 +8 Ordered 10/03/15, rec'd 10/11/15


Other Drummer Contact Info

Potential Drumsticks Inquiries
. Drummer Potential Contact info Correspondence Description
X Sean Lang http://www.facebook.com/seanlangdrummer IM sent 6/7/13; Positive Reply 6/7/13; Contact 8/6/13; 2pr. Received 11/16/13
. Derek Roddy http://derekroddyslessons.com/contact/ Message sent 9/1/2013, no response
. Tommy Igoe http://www.tommyigoe.com/contact/ not yet
. Lee Newell http://www.facebook.com/lee.newell.391 IM sent 7/10/2013, E-mail R.Ferguson (SMT manager) 8/13/2013 (no reply), Positive FB reply off SMT page (L.Newell) 10/15/2013, IM sent 12/30/13, awaiting further..., no response
. Bill Ward http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bill-Ward/109213359124333 not yet
. Rick Steel http://www.facebook.com/BooM7 IM sent 7/10/2013
X Michael Foster (Firehouse) http://www.fosterdrums.com/contact.php ordered/received
X Danny Seraphine http://www.ctatheband.com Sells new, e-mailed 1/7/14 about used, autographed; Initial response 1/7/14; Received 1/22/14
. Mike Mallais (World’s Fastest Drummer) http://www.mikemachine.com/contact-2/ message sent 1/9/14, awaiting further..., no response
. Jack Gavin (Charlie Daniels) http://www.jackgavin.com/Merch/index.html not yet
  • Billy Rymer, FB message sent 9/17/14, no response
  • Bill Bachman, website message sent 9/26/14, no response
  • Chris McHugh, FB message sent 9/27/14, no response
  • Dave Budbill, website message sent 10/27/14, no response