Morgan Rose

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Morgan Rose
Drummer - Alternative metal

Bands: Sevendust, Iron Steel, Methods of Mayhem, Call Me No One, Korn

Drumsticks: Vater

Morgan Rose (born (1968-12-13) December 13, 1968 (age 53)) is an American drummer, record producer and founding member of the Atlanta-based alternative metal band Sevendust. He is also responsible for much of the background "screaming" vocals. Recently he joined Call Me No One and recorded debut album, and it was released on June 5, 2012 via Asylum.

Early life

Rose's father was a guitarist and his mother, who followed the Raspberries in the 1970s, took her young son to see David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust tour, which he witnessed while sitting on the shoulders of a security guard. He credits his father with teaching him guitar and claimed that he was able to play Jimi Hendrix’s "If 6 Was 9" when he was three years old.


Rose began his music career in the early 1990s in the band Snake Nation, alongside Vinnie Hornsby. In late 1992, Rose and Hornsby joined forces with Lajon Witherspoon, who was at that time in a R&B band called Body & Soul, and formed Rumblefish, which was changed Crawlspace then to Sevendust after a name rights issue. Morgan Rose is one of the most respected and most innovative drummers in the industry, being voted by Drum magazine and Drummerworld as one of the top 100 drummers of all time. He is also one of the most charismatic members of the band, and often writes lyrics and is the backup vocalist when playing live. Australia's Rolling Stone voted him as the "hottest drummer" in history, thanks to a poll that was taken in 2003. In 2004, Morgan Rose voted number 1 metal drummer by Modern Drummer magazine. He also is ranked number 32 in Hit Parader's top 100 bassist and drummers all time.

Rose features guest vocals on American heavy metal band Neverset track, "Take It All Away".

Alien Freak Wear is his own small line of clothing with a few tee shirts, hoodies and many other items, including his signature drum sticks.

Due to Tommy Lee injuring his hand in August 2009, Morgan filled in on drums in place of Lee, in Mötley Crüe, for five shows on Crüe Fest 2 from August 14 to August 19. Also Rose was recruited to replace Ray Luzier pulled double duty on the last few shows of the first leg of the Music As A Weapon V tour, sitting behind the kit for co-headliners Korn.

Eye Empire has tapped Morgan Rose to record the drums on the band's debut album, Moment of Impact.

In June, 2012, Rose began working with The Infinite Staircase at Architekt Music, as both the drummer and producer of their next album.

On September 5, 2012, Sevendust went to studio to begin recording its ninth album for an early 2013 release. The latest album, Black Out the Sun was released on March 26, 2013.


Morgan is also a sports fan. He loves the occasional football, hockey and baseball game, and often meets the athletes. He also loves playing video games with his fellow Sevendust bandmates on the PlayStation 3.


Rose plays Pearl Masterworks Series Drums, Evans Drum Heads and Zildjian Cymbals, as well as DDrum electronics, specifically their tube trigger. He is a large supporter of the new Pearl Vision Sets. He also uses Vater Drumsticks, with two signature models, the Alien Freak (double butt end), the Whiplash, which is similar to a 2B stick and Motu DP software.


Vater Percussion Morgan Rose Alien Freak

  • 16 x 0.5 inches; 3 ounces

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Morgan Rose Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 11.

(xxxx) Morgan Rose - Vader Morgan Rose signature drumsticks (not in collection yet).
0044-0045 Morgan Rose - Vader Alien Freak Morgan Rose signature drumsticks, concert used Apr 6, 2013 during Sevendust and Coal Chamber with Lacuna Coil at The Rave/Eagles Club Milwaukee, WI.
0164-0165 Morgan Rose - autographed Vader Alien Freak Morgan Rose signature drumsticks.
(2013) 0235 Morgan Rose - concert used, Vader Alien Freak Morgan Rose signature drumstick, 05/17/2013, Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI.