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Maya Bond (born (2000-08-05) August 5, 2000 (age 19) in Osaka, Japan) is a former Japanese-born American indie and avant-garde music singer-songwriter and drummer from Austin, Texas. She is the daughter of musician and composer T.W. Bond.

Bond is most notable for her 2004 debut, Pink Drums, Purple Lights, which she is credited for writing all the song lyrics to. Although Bond was never actually signed to Business Deal Records, she is still linked to their roster as an artist. Her debut was released on Ellahy Amen Records in 2004. In 2009, Bond retired from music.


Bond was born in Osaka, Japan in 2000 and is the daughter of musician and composer, T.W. Bond. Haggard and Halloo stated in their article that Bond's paternal grandmother was a runaway from a Cherokee reservation.

At the age of four, Bond released her first album in 2004 after being influenced by her father, who was in many bands during his career. In an interview Bond did for KEYE-TV, she stated she wanted to create an album after watching her father write and record music. Her debut was released in late 2004. Bond, as of 2008, is still performing, promoting her music, often fronting with older band members.

Her father is currently a member of Count Dracula's Weed Smugglin' Jam Engine, a band signed to the Business Deal Records roster. However, he is also a composer, who once composed music for the Italian foreign film, Il Circo Cinese. According to the Houston Press, her songs "showcase the wondrous mind of a four-year-old – one that is scatological and delightfully morbid."