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Matthew Ryan "Matt" McGinley (born February 24, 1983) is the co-founder and drummer of the Gym Class Heroes.


McGinley and Travis McCoy met in school in gym class (though it is said that this did not give the band its name) and quickly became friends. The two decided to form a band, the now popular Gym Class Heroes. The lineup was complete when former members Milo Bonacci and Ryan Geise joined, who were later replaced by now permanent members Disashi and Eric. McGinley later released a full-length CD with an Alternative rock/Punk rock band called Kill the Frontman.

McGinley also worked with experimental post-hardcore band The Bunny the Bear as a studio drummer for their three releases Stories, Food Chain, and A Liar Wrote This. He was accompanied by producer and guitarist Doug White, who had previously worked with Gym Class Heroes.

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