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My Drumstick Collection (list) -- Past and Current Events -- SEND ME YOUR STICKS!

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Welcome to the Drumstick Collector Wiki

Robbie and the start of his drumstick collection, now containing at least:
[ 2,876 ] drum sticks from 729 different drummers

- (1,454) of them concert/used
- (968) of them autographed
- (69) of them personalized
- (2,464) signature model drumsticks
My name is Robbie, I am an 19-year-old heavy metal drummer in the band Zombie Raptor and an avid drumstick collector. This is my wiki devoted to everything to do with drumsticks, drummers and drumstick collecting. I started drumming in February 2012, and started to collect hand-signed drumsticks in May 2013. I currently have stage used and/or autographed drumsticks in my collection from at least 729 different drummers (not including many, many duplicates and a bunch of unused/unsigned drumsticks), adding more whenever I can.

Some of my favorite drummers are Mike Portnoy (125 sticks), Mike Mangini (10), Bill Ward (14), Tommy Clufetos (17), Neil Peart (95), Todd Sucherman (18), Dave Lombardo (12), Ginger Fish (22) and Rich Redmond (20). Many of the drumsticks in my collection have come from eBay, online or other collectors, but I have already met a ton of drummers face to face and have personally received drumsticks from them. I hope to be able to meet more and more famous drummers in person or personally receive gift drumsticks from drummers wishing to help me add to my collection!

From what I have seen online, Peter Lavinger, one time held "The World's Largest Autographed Drumstick Collection" according to The Guinness Book of World Records (1999) with over 1300 drumsticks, I have seen a webpage from some guy named Dave(ontour) who says he has over 1700 sticks and friends with a guy on eBay from NY that says he has over 4000... They all started with one drumstick. So I have some catching up to do... on my way to the NEXT WORLD RECORD :)

See my ** My Drumstick Collection ** (running list)


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