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Kenneth "Ken Jay" Lacey (born June 10, 1971) is an American musician, best known as the original drummer for Static-X (1994–2002).

Jay was born in Jamaica, Illinois. He started Static-X with Wayne Static in 1994. Ken played drums on the band's first two albums, Wisconsin Death Trip and Machine, but before Static-X could begin recording their third album, Shadow Zone. Jay left the band because of musical and political differences, handing over stick duties to Nick Oshiro (2003–2009).

Shortly after his departure, he joined Godhead (2003–2005) as a replacement drummer. He has kept out of the media limelight since his departure.

In 2010, Ken stepped back into music to produce the debut album for Texas based band, Blood Red Summer. He connected with the band through their guitar player, Erik Fincher, who had worked with Ken at a Virgin Records store in Los Angeles, CA, and later became Static-X's long time guitar tech.

Drumstick Collection

0621 Ken Jay - Vater signature model drumstick, Static X.