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Justin Foley (born June 16, 1976) is best known as the drummer of the metalcore band, Killswitch Engage. He is also an active member of the band Blood Has Been Shed along with Killswitch Engage's former lead singer, Howard Jones. Foley has been quoted as saying his primary influences include John Bonham, Neil Peart, and Sean Reinert.


Early life

Justin Foley was born in Simsbury, CT in 1976. Before joining Killswitch Engage, Foley participated in a Connecticut thrash/jazz metal band called Red Tide. Red Tide began as a thrash metal outfit in 1993 then evolved into a jazz metal band in the late 90's. As the primary lyricist and one of the songwriters for Red Tide, Foley earned local celebrityhood. With Red Tide, Foley released at least 5 demo tapes and two CDs. Red Tide disbanded in 2002 as there was a general lack of interest in continuing (cited by interview).


Foley graduated from Simsbury High School in Simsbury, CT in 1994. He earned his undergraduate degree in percussion at the University of Connecticut. He proceeded to attend the prestigious Hartt School of Music and received his masters degree in percussion.

Killswitch Engage

Foley joined Killswitch Engage after the departure of the previous drummer, Tom Gomes, in October 2003.

Justin Foley is one of the many advertising artists for Evans drumheads along with such famous drummers as Daniel Erlandsson, Charlie Benante, Kevin Talley, Morgan Rose, Matthew McDonough, and Vinnie Paul among other performers.

Foley also plays drums on metalcore band Unearth's 2011 album, Darkness in the Light filling in for departed drummer Derek Kerswill.


Foley has been quoted as saying that if he did not play drums, he would like to try out for the New York Yankees, who he is an avid fan of. He is also a Simpsons fanatic. Foley is known for his shaved head and long red beard.

Drumstick Collection

(xxxx) Justin Foley - Pro-Mark signature model drumstick, Killswitch Engage. (not yet in collection)