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Jerry LeBloch was the drummer for Rare Earth (1985–1990), an American Rhythm and blues/blues rock band. He took over for Bobby Rock (1985) and was later replaced by Dean Boucher (1990–1993).


Playing Drums has been Jerry's passion since he started playing at the age of 14. A year later, he had his own band, "The Mid-Nite Sonz" which played at high schools, and other similar venues.

At 17, he was kicked out of his house because he would not cut his hair; that's when Dick Wagner and, "The Frost", took him in. He became their road manager from 1967-1971, giving him his start in music as his first big break.

Jerry has worked with the following bands: The Mid-Nite Sonz, The Frost, Justice Myles, The Rollers, Wayne Cochran and "The C C Riders", LeBloch Bellenger and Strickler LBS, Gold Fever, Command Performance, Cornell Gunthier and, "The World Famous Coasters", Bill Pickneys' "The Drifters", The Platters, The Rockouts, Dick Wagner, Rare Earth, The Jerry LeBloch Band, Johnny Rocket, and Doc Woodward Band.

LeBloch also DJs "The Jerry LeBloch" Show on WQRZ-LP 103.5 FM in Southern, MS, where he has been dubbed "The Rock Historian".

Jerry LeBloch Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 2.

(0340-0341) Jerry LeBloch - Regal Tip, Jerry LeBloch signature drumsticks.