Jerome Deupree

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Jerome Deupree

Bands: The Humans, Morphine

Drumsticks: .

Jerome Deupree (Jerry) was the original drummer for the Santa Cruz new wave band The Humans. After they signed with I.R.S. Records in 1980, he decided to not continue playing with the band.

He was born in November 1956 in Cincinnati, OH. He started playing drums at the age of six and started playing professionally at 14. After his stint with The Humans, he moved to Boston, where he joined The Decoders, the Sex Execs, Mr. Happy and Morphine (1989–1991, 1991–1993, 1998–1999). He now performs in the Jeff Robinson Trio, a free-jazz group, and Members of Morphine/Elastic Waste Band with former Morphine saxophonist Dana Colley and guitarist Jeremy Lyons. He also plays with 'The Coots' a band fronted by former Treat Her Right harmonica player, Jim Fitting. A short list of bands he is currently playing with include Hokum's Heroes and Orchestra Morphine. He also works as a freelance drummer.

Jerome Deupree Drumstick Collection

0454-0455 Jerome Deupree - autographed drumsticks, 06/04/14 Drum clinic, Drum Shop North Shore, Beverly, MA
0553-0554 Jerome Deupree - used, autographed Vater drumsticks.
0555-0556 Jerome Deupree - used, autographed Regal Tip drumsticks.