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Jeffrey John Burrows (born August 19, 1968 in Windsor, Ontario) is the drummer and percussionist for Canadian rock band Crash Karma, and The Tea Party.

Jeff Burrows begun drumming at eleven years of age and professionally so since 1990 when he joined childhood friends Jeff Martin and Stuart Chatwood in forming The Tea Party. Burrows' style is influenced by jazz drummers including Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa and Max Roach, as well as rock drummers Neil Peart and Stewart Copeland.


Born into a musical family, (Jeff's father John Burrows, a police official and lawyer in Jeff's hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, was a drummer for Bobby Curtola in the 1960s. John Burrows also backed Motown artists while on the road and he has met Berry Gordy, founder of Motown records. John Burrows was a drumming teacher while still in his teens in his hometown of Chatham, Ontario, approximately 60 miles North East of Windsor). Jeff Burrows' first musical experiences were on the piano, then at eleven years of age he purchased his first drum kit; an old Motown drummer's set of Ludwig drums before graduating to a set of Ludwig Rockers for his Detroit-based band Vavoom! This kit ultimately morphed into his first for The Tea Party.

Professional career


Burrows signed a cymbal deal with Sabian in 1994, just after The Tea Party's first major-label album Splendor Solis was released. Burrows states that he chose Sabian because "you're getting the same quality as Zildjian but you're getting a company that's more innovative and not in a bad technological way... they still do hand-hammered cymbals."

In late 1994, after four years of touring with The Tea Party, Burrows was in desperate need of a new drum kit upon arriving at A&M Studios in Los Angeles, to record The Edges of Twilight. Enter Ross Garfield, aka The Drum Doctor, who rented Burrows one of his kits and subsequently built him a one-of-a-kind set of Gretsch drums.


With The Tea Party's overseas touring schedule increasing, having a drum kit available became very important. Burrows was solicited by many companies but decided on Drum Workshop, Burrows explains it is because of their "quality and durability" and "that they would supply me with a drum kit to spec in any country that we traveled to, free of charge" and that "there isn't much of a difference between any of the drums when you are endorsed because they're going to give you the high-end line no matter what, so for me it was about choosing a reputable drum company that is going to provide me with what I need.


After The Tea Party disbanded in 2005, Burrows joined Rush's Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, and other Canadian musicians, as drummer in the one-off project the Big Dirty Band, recording a cover of Sonny Curtis' I Fought the Law for the Trailer Park Boys: The Movie soundtrack. Finishing promotion of the Trailer Park Boys movie with Big Dirty Band, Burrows joined Windsor-based musician David Cyrenne in his jam band Is there a Band in the House?, playing venues near Windsor, such as "The Avalon Front". As of January 2007 Burrows was presenting the midday shift on The Rock, a radio station in Windsor. Burrows continues to record music including with independent band Johnny Hollow, on their album Beyond the Flame and, Lebanese rock band The Kordz.

In 2008 Burrows announced that he, Edwin, Mike Turner and Amir Epstein would form the band Crash Karma, recording their debut album in early 2009.

In 2011, Burrows reunited with his Tea Party bandmates and the trio embarked on a Canadian summer tour.



Ludwig Drums (1990–1994), Gretsch drums (1995–1996), DW (1997–present)


Sabian - Hi Hats: 13" AAX, Splash: 10", 12" AAX Metal, Crash: Various AAXplosion, Ride: 20" AA El Sabors


Signature Pro-Mark 707 drumsticks (Japan Oak) with stick wrap

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(0309-0310) Jeff Burrows - used, Pro-Mark Jeff Burrows signature drumstick.

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