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Jason Toop Cooper (born (1967-01-31) January 31, 1967 (age 54)) is an English musician best known for his work with The Cure (1995–present).

Life and work

Born in London, England, Jason studied drums at London's Drumtech (where he is now a patron and visiting artist). He first came to public attention as drummer for the band My Life Story. Jason joined The Cure in 1995 following the 1993 departure of their previous drummer Boris Williams. So far, he has performed on the studio albums Wild Mood Swings, Bloodflowers, The Cure and 4:13 Dream. He also appeared in two concert films, Trilogy and Festival 2005.

Jason also composes music for film, most notably co-creating the score for the horror/thriller From Within, for which he and co-composer Oliver Kraus won the award for Best Original Score at the 2008 Solstice Film Festival.

On 15 May 2004, Jason married his long-time girlfriend Allison.