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Harden Harrison was best known as the drummer of Rigor Mortis (1983-1991, 2005-2013) a thrash/speed metal band that formed in 1983 in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. Two schoolmates Harden Harrison and Casey Orr (bass) formed the band when they met Mike Scaccia (guitar). The three young men shared an interest in horror/gore films and very heavy music. With Bruce Corbitt on vocals they created some of the heaviest thrash metal at the time often flirting with death metal. They were also one of the only major thrash bands from Texas and virtually created the underground metal scene there. On December 23, 2012, the band's guitarist Mike Scaccia passed away from a heart attack while performing onstage.

Harden Harrison also plays drums with the metal bands Speedealer (1994- ) and Mitra (2005-present).


Rigor Mortis drummer Harden Harrison faced surgery after a freak incident with his motorcycle. The musician attempted to grab his bike to stop the vehicle from falling over and caused "severe damage" to his shoulder and needed an operation to repair the injury. His bandmate Bruce Corbitt reveals in a post on his Facebook.com page, "Rigor Mortis drummer Harden Harrison had a freak accident the other day when he (sic) motorcycle fell over and he grabbed at a weird angle it (sic) to prevent it from falling. "The weight from the motorcycle did severe damage to his shoulder. He just got the results from the MRI and it was bad news. He has a torn rotator cup and has to have surgery on June 6. He will be in a sling for at least two months." As a result of the injury, Harrison pulled out of a performance at a concert honoring his late bandmate Mike Scaccia on June 13, 2013.

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