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These drumsticks are awesome! They are a HUGE 36 inches long, 1 1/2" inches in diameter. I originally got these for my birthday to add them as the BIGGEST drumsticks in my collection. But the I realized that in a few weeks I was going to meet John Tempesta and thought that it would be wicked cool to get these autographed by him, then by every other famous drummer I meet.

Giant Drumstick One

(1) John Tempesta, (2) Carmine Appice, (3) Gavin Harrison, (4) Todd Sucherman, (5) Rich Redmond, (6) James Murphy, (7) Mark Walker, (8) Matt Garstka, (9) Mike Portnoy, (10) Tony "Thunder" Smith, (11) John Densmore, (12) Dave Mattacks, (13) Jerome Deupree, (14) Dave DiCenso, (15) Matt Starr, (16) Danny Seraphine, (17) Billy Cobham, (18) Danny Gottlieb, (19) Dave Weckl, (20) Chris Flueck, (21) Carl Palmer, (22) Steve Michaud, (23) Kofi Baker, (24) Mike Vanderhule, (25) Johnny Kelly, (26) James Payne

Giant Drumstick Two

(1) Will Calhoun, (2) Carmine Appice, (3) Vinny Appice, (4) Mark Guiliana, (5) Mike Mangini, (6) Akira Jimbo, (7) Simon Wright, (8) Nate Morton, (9) Rodger Carter, (10) Daniel Glass, (11) Kenny Aronoff

Giant Drumstick Three

(1) Peter Criss

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