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Georg Lenhardt "Sir G", drummer for German based heavy metal band Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (The Apocalyptic Horsemen).

Georg, born in November 27, 1980, grew up in very musical family and started to gather his first influences with his father Michael Lenhardt, who was a former member of the Art Rock band Bayon, and is still a well known blues guitarist. Georg quickly changed from the violin to drums and had a lot of local bands and projects (Sansara, Brainscan, Hateful Birthday).

From 1998 on, Georg was a professional drummer. He played with the Udo Hemmann Band and collaborated at some projects at the DNT Weimar. In 1999 a jam session with Fuchs (singer in DAR) was the initiation for his long career with the band Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. In 2000 he recorded his first album 'all you need is love' and still today the recording is mentioned to be one of the important turning-points of the band's musical career.

He replaced the former bandmember Skelleton, who is still playing in the Metalband Disaster KFW.

Beside his working with DAR, Georg is also drum teacher and played and recorded with many other artists.

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