Franky Costanza

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Franky Costanza
Drummer - Heavy metal

Bands: Dagbota, Blazing War Machine

Drumsticks: Pro Orca

Franky Costanza (born July 22, 1980 in Marseille, France) is a heavy metal drummer, and member of the industrial metal band Dagoba (1999-present).

He began drumming at the age of 13 years, and then became more serious at the age of 17. He played in several local groups (Marseille and the surrounding area) before joining Dagoba. It also drums in an industrial black metal band, Blazing War Machine, which he created with Izakar, former guitarist of Dagoba.

He also created his own brand of clothing and accessories for drummers: Serial Drummer.

Franky has adopted a very fast and technical drumming, including Post Mortem Nihil Est, the latest album from Dagoba as well as with his other band, Blazing War Machine.

Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 2.

(0777-0778) Franky Costanza - used Pro Orca signature model drumsticks.