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Frankie Banali (born November 14, 1951) is an American rock drummer, best known for his work with multi-platinum heavy metal band Quiet Riot. He has been the band's manager since 1994. He played drums in the heavy metal band W.A.S.P., as well as with Billy Idol. Banali was briefly a touring drummer for Faster Pussycat and Steppenwolf.

Frankie Banali's main influences include John Bonham (rock drumming), Buddy Rich, (traditional Jazz drumming), Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers, and Vinnie Colaiuta.

In mid-2010, Banali had an online fundraiser via Kickstarter with his fiance Regina Russell for the production of a Quiet Riot documentary she is producing/directing. The project required a $20,000 minimum, and ultimately was successful. The final amount raised was nearly $24,000 and the film is in production. Amongst those donating was the mother of the late Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow.

Frankis Banali Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 5.

0551-0552 Frankie Banali - new, Regal Tip signature model drumsticks, Faster Pussycat.
0539-0540 Frankie Banali - used, Vic Firth signature model drumsticks, Quiet Riot.