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Evan Johns was the former drummer of the rock band Hurt (2004–2008).

His father was Andy Johns (May 20, 1950 – April 7, 2013), a British sound engineer and record producer, who worked on several well-known rock albums, including the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street (1972), Television's Marquee Moon (1977), and a series of albums by Led Zeppelin during the 1970s. Evan was drawn to the drums and began drumming at four, and whenever he visited his dad at his studio. "Back in the ’80s, drummers were really into big drumkits, and there were a lot of things to hit. It was the most fun time of my life" says Johns.

Growing up in the industry, Johns enjoyed watching Joe Satriani's drummer Gregg Bissonette, Cinderella's drummer Fred Coury, and Alex Van Halen. "I would just sit and stare at Alex’s drumkit and watch all the different miking techniques. I can remember when Alex was using ride cymbals for top hi-hats. I was always going into my 'study,' as we called it, and practicing drums so I could become one of the club and hang out with the adults."

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