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Dominik Donnie Hamzik (born October 18, Binghamton, NY) is the drummer of the heavy metal band Manowar (1981–1982, 2009–present). He was discovered by Joey DeMaio in the rock club Agora Ballroom in Hollywood, FL when a mutual friend brought Joey down to see Donnie play. It wasn't until a year later, when Manowar had secured their record deal with Liberty Records, that Joey DeMaio and Ross The Boss went to Florida and played together with Donnie and recorded their debut album "Battle Hymns". At that point Donnie was officially a member of Manowar.

Donnie left the band in 1983 and was replaced by Scott Columbus. He again appeared with Manowar on stage during "Earthshaker" Fest 2005 in Germany along with all other Manowar members past and present.

In 2009 Donnie reunited with Manowar, due to personal differences between Scott Columbus and the rest of the band. He took part in Magic Circle Festival 2009 and also recorded the EP "Thunder in the Sky".

On October 15th, 2010 Joey DeMaio announced on Facebook that Hamzik was officially a member of Manowar again after a 26 year absence.

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0060 Donnie Hamzik - Vic Firth signature model drumstick, Manowar.