Davey Calabrese

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Davey Calabrese
Drummer - Hard Rock

Bands: Calabrese

Drumsticks: Sound Percussion

Davey Calabrese is the drummer in the American rock band Calabrese, including his brothers Bobby Calabrese on guitar/vocals and Jimmy Calabrese on bass/vocals.

Band origin

The three brothers were originally raised in the rural town of Antioch, Illinois in a large family of Italian American heritage. Jimmy Calabrese, the oldest of the trio, developed a fascination with horror and fictional monsters at an early age through a friend. Jimmy recalled in his blog of how after the violent suicide of a local boy, paranormal activity was witnessed and investigated by him and a group of friends via the use of a ouija board. Afterward, their house was supposedly haunted, plagued by a foul smell, and had a demonic figure appear in a door. The hauntings reportedly stopped after the family moved to Arizona. Through Jimmy, Bobby was introduced to punk rock, metal and rock and roll music.

The two brothers both played bass and were separately active in a handful of local bands. In 2002, after completing film school at Columbia College, Jimmy decided the two should form their own band. Bobby switched to electric guitar and the two recruited the then sixteen-year-old Davey Calabrese, their youngest brother, to play drums.

Davey Calabrese Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 4.

1942-1943 Davey Calabrese - used, autographed drumsticks.
1944-1945 Davey Calabrese - used, autographed drumsticks.