Chris Stephenson

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Chris Stephenson
Chris Stephenson.jpg
Drummer - Hard rock, heavy metal

Bands: Old James, Skull Fist, Aggressor, Cauldron

Drumsticks: Los Cabos

Chris Stephenson is the drummer for the Toronto hard rock band Old James. Previously he was the drummer of the Toronto heavy metal band Cauldron (2009-2011).


Ottawa born Chris Stephenson started playing the drums at age 12. What started as a hobby quickly became his passion, and 8 years later Chris is now an experienced touring musician and studio drummer. Right out of high school, Chris toured both Europe and North America extensively. Most recently he has toured Japan and has an upcoming South American tour in the new year. Writing and recording his own music is a passion for Chris, and pursues this with his band Old James, a southern rock/acoustic style group.

Teaching drums has always been a passion for Chris and he has taught both privately and in music schools for the past 5 years. Chris has also been involved with local acoustic charity events and has collaborated with a variety of musicians of diverse musical styles. Most recently he has performed at Dundas Square in support of Youth Day. As a professional drummer, Chris has recorded on 5 records, has over 10 months of major touring experience and in 2012 was nominated for a Juno Award. Chris continues to pursue his passion of music, drumming and teaching.

Chris proudly endorses Los Cabos Drumsticks and Defacto Custom Drums.

Performance history: Old James, Skull Fist (Japan, South America tour), Aggressor, Cauldron (2009-2011), Maccie Paquette band

Chris Stephenson Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 4.