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Chris Hamilton - Drummer for the American heavy metal band (2002–2006), also ex-Downset, and Deadbolt with givethemrope as of 2012.


Chris Hamilton is a hard hitter when it comes to beating the skins of a drum kit. Previously he played in Medication, Downset (replacing original drummer Christopher Lee), and Crisis.

More recently Hamilton played in Bloodsimple (2002–2006), featuing ex-Vision of Disorder members Tim Williams (vocals) and Mike Kennedy (guitar), along with ex-Medication bassist Kyle Sanders. The line-up is completed by guitarist Nick Rowe. Chris Hamilton and this band parted ways in May 2006.

Hamilton names Shannon Larkin, Tommy Lee, Mikkey Dee, Jimmy Bower, John Bonham and Phil Rudd as musical influences.

Drumstick Collection

Current Drumstick Count in Collection: 1.

(0803) Chris Hamilton - signature model Vater drumstick.