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Chris Culos is the drummer for the American Rock band O.A.R. (short for Of a Revolution) (1996–present).

Before he was a member of O.A.R., Chris Culos was just a kid in Rockville, MD, playing drums in his basement while his friend Marc Roberge played guitar and sang. In 1996 bassist Benj Gershman and guitarist Richard On came in, and the quartet, adopting the moniker Of a Revolution, recorded and released its first two albums, The Wanderer and Souls Aflame -- many of whose songs were written when Culos and Roberge spent time studying in Israel -- while the members were still all in high school. Upon graduation, Culos and Roberge embarked for Ohio State University, later to be joined by On and Gershman. It was there, in the dorms, that O.A.R. met saxophonist Jerry DePizzo, who officially joined in 2000.

By the time Culos had earned his degree, the band had already begun making a name for itself on the college jam band circuit, and its popularity only increased -- with the albums frequently making it onto the Billboard charts -- which was only helped by a vigorous touring schedule and lenient policy toward fans taping shows. Culos himself was often called upon for interviews, and in 2007 even raffled off his drum kit and cymbals in support of independent music and musicians. In 2008 Culos, who still called Rockville home, got married, as O.A.R. continued to support their 2007 album, Live from Madison Square Garden, and play at festivals nationwide.

Chris Culos Drumstick Collection

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