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Drumsticks Are Only Worth What Someone Else Is Willing To Pay For Them (plus a few other considerations)

The following pages have collected data of the approximate value of various drumsticks. These entries can be used to help determine what certain drumsticks have sold for, giving a general idea of what other collectors have valued and spent on a stick for their own collection.

Anybody can ask whatever they want, it doesn't mean they are going to get it - so check out some past transaction details. I will be continually updating the pages here to hopefully compile a huge repository of data, so keep checking back. If you have any prices that you have either sold or bought drumsticks for, we'd love to include it.

Drumstick Price Guide
Date Drummer Condition Model Transaction Deal Type Price
(When) date of transaction, the market value may change (Who) New or Used (What) year, model details (Where) eBay Auction or private sale (Why) High/Market/Low (How) SOLD or Asking Price price paid, including S&H