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Carl Canedy (born January 27) is best known for being the drummer of the American heavy metal band The Rods (1980-1987, 2010-present). He was also a member of the band Manowar (1980-1981), at the time spelling his name as "Karl Kennedy". Canedy left Manowar after the demo's release and was quickly replaced by Donnie Hamzik. He has also performed drumming duties for Dave Feinstein (1978-1980), Jack Starr (1984), Lone Rager (1985), Rhett Forester (1984, 1988), Thrasher (1985) and Canedy, Feinstein, Bordonaro & Caudle (1986).

Canedy is also known for producing several heavy metal albums, including Overkill's full length debut, Feel The Fire (1985), Anthrax's Fistful of Metal (1984), Armed and Dangerous (EP) (1985), Spreading the Disease (1985), Madhouse (Single)(1986), as well as producing credits for Apollo Ra, Atilla, E-X-E, Exciter, Graphic Violence, Helstar, Jack Starr, Possesed, Rhett Forrester, The Rods, Thrasher, TT Quick and Violent Playground.

Drumstick Collection

0742-0743 Carl Canedy - used, autographed Vic Firth signature model drumsticks, The Rods.