Buzz Saylor

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Buzz Saylor
Drummer - Progressive rock, jazz

Bands: Simon Apple, Jazz In Pastel

Drumsticks: ...

Drummer Buzz Saylor has performed for over 30 years, to audiences in clubs, auditoriums and stadiums. For nearly 20 years, Buzz has been a founding member, the drummer, co-songwriter, lyricist and sometimes front man for the American progressive rock band Simon Apple. Buzz has played in jazz bands, pop bands, and has directed the Drum Corp of Boyertown H.S. to national recognition. He has taught countless students, many of whom have gone on to become superb drummers in their own right. On one occasion, Buzz sat in with Wynton Marsalis, when his regular drummer could not make a local show. His discipline and diversity, has influenced an untold number of musicians who have seen, and heard his work.

Recently, Buzz has survived a bout with cancer, coming out of the other side with a renewed enthusiasm for performance. Having moved on from the Simon Apple project, Buzz put together the jazz combo Jazz In Pastel, playing cafés, cabarets, and small intimate venues. Additionally, Buzz has made himself available to recording and performing artists as a "hired gun". With his extraordinary talent, Buzz is an asset to any major artist, looking for a world-class drummer to be a part of their recordings or live performances.

During live performance Buzz is a genuine showman. While keeping the beat steady and strong, adding details to the drum tracks, pushing his work over the top of being just "the drummer", his dynamic personality adds another dimension to his place on stage. Buzz is a true artist, who uses the drum kit as his pallet.

Buzz has worked with producers David Leonard (Paul McCartney, Prince, Rush), John Boylan (Linda Ronstadt, Boston, Carly Simon), Steve Paul (Tim Fonseca, New England). He has worked with musicians Tony Levin, Buck Dharma, John Helliwell, Steve Rodby, and others, on the Simon Apple CD, River To The Sea. Never accused of overplaying, always keeping the song full and rich with rhythm and groove, his ability to get his studio tracks down in just one or two takes, is just another testament to the depth of his talent.

Drumstick Collection

0805-0806 Buzz Saylor - autographed drumsticks.