Ben Boswell

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Ben Boswell
Drummer - Heavy metal

Bands: Freak

Drumsticks: .


Ben Boswell is known for drumming in the Wisconsin based band Freak, with Shane Brandenburg (guitar) and Ren Smith (bass/vocals). - "Lick The Toad", Track 12 from the Album "Pot Bellied" by Freak (Independent Release, 1996)

eBay Auction #251413093961: Ben Boswell drummer. signed broken drum stick. From the band Freak

Dec 28, 2013 15:31:46 PST - Sold by swords42and42dreams

One night about 10 years ago I was drinking in a bar listening to this heavy metal band! I was a few sheets into the wind! Well this band was jamming! And the drummer broke is drumstick and kept on playing! I take this drum stick up and at the end of the night but the guy a drink and have them sign it! I told him he would I was so drunk I needed him to write his band's name on it and print this name under his signature So the band's name was freaked that he was playing for the time not sure if they're still around or not. His name was Ben Boswell. I google tonight so he does have videos out there on YouTube!