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Andrew "Angel" Bartolotta (born November 26, 1981) is an American drummer. He is best known as the former drummer for American alternative metal band Dope and former drummer of industrial metal band Genitorturers. He is also the founder of the large collaborative music project Team Cybergeist.


At the age of 13, Angel bought his first drum kit out of a friend's attic for $30. Since then, he has scored endorsement deals with some of the industries leading companies and recorded and toured the world with many bands such as Crossbreed, Switched, Rikets, and The Undead (with Bobby Steele of The Misfits).

Before officially joining Dope in October of 2006, Angel was probably best known for his seat behind the drums with the freakfest known as Genitorturers (featuring David Vincent of Morbid Angel), and his slot playing drums for the industrial "super-group" Pig (featuring Raymond Watts of KMFDM and Guenter Schulz of KMFDM, Pigface, and Slick Idiot). Angel also has a solo-project called Team Cybergeist where he collaborate with many different musicians from all around the world.

One of the most sought after drummers in the industrial/metal scene today, Angel is sure to make a mark in the music industry. For more info on Angel (and the bands he has performed with), check out the resume page on his website,

Angel Bartolotta Drumstick Collection

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(0762) Angel Bartolotta - concert used, signature model Promark drumstick, Dope.